Bacon & Egg Salad Sandwich


Egg Salad, the mere mention of it drums up nightmares of old school lunches and bad parties for many. But I’m here to say, I really like egg salad. In almost all forms, it certainly beats lettuce salad! (AM I RIGHT?! *Looks to high five, sees no one* )

Egg salad for me growing up was always Iranian Egg Salad, which is not egg salad at all. It’s Salad Olivieh which is egg salad alongside potatoes, pickles, chicken, and whatever else they felt like putting in it. This salad is unique to most of Central Asia and any former Soviet Central Asian state. In fact, Salad Olivieh (Farsi pronunciation) has its own wikipedia page! It’s a solid mayo salad, and I do enjoy it if all the ratios are done right.

Alas, I did not make that specific salad for this post. I wanted to give spruce up the traditional egg salad recipe with some American staples (Pork & Corn). I decided to make it a wrap for two reasons. I don’t have much bread in my house and I think a wrap actually allows the egg salad to be the star of the show, not the bread.


4 Hard Boiled Eggs (Peeled)

1 Tbsp.  Mayo

1/2 Tbsp. Trader Joe’s Garlic Mustard Aioli

1/2 Tbsp. Olive Oil

2 Strips of Bacon cooked to perfection, like I will show below!

1/4 Cup Cooked White Sweet Corn (Mine was from grilled corn, a.k.a. the Corn you saw in a 5 Days 5 Lunches *I’m going to shatter a lot of your dreams here by saying I make multiple posts in one day! Apologies all around.)

Rudi’s Spelt Flat Tortilla

Boil your eggs, older eggs tend to boil better.  

After your eggs are boiled, peel them in a fashion you see fit. Everyone seems to have a way that works for them, so as the old saying goes ,”Wherever I can peel an egg the way I want, I am free” peel away. (Literally no one has ever said that ever.)

Now with your eggs all peeled, you can dice them up or break them up into a bowl. I like to break them, I feel dicing it makes everything too fine. I like my egg salad a little clumpy, but that’s just me.

Time for a bacon aside (The most pleasant of all asides)

Because you can’t just make 2 strips of bacon generally, I made a whole slab for the purpose of demonstration. Lay your bacon out onto a broiler pan. I like to use the convection part of my oven to cook the actual bacon. I think it cooks it more evenly. Set it to about 325F and cook for about a half hour.

If you make bacon this way, you will accomplish the following:

1. Your Bacon will almost never burn

2. Your Bacon will be crispy and evenly cooked. While I do love myself a semi-soft piece of bacon, the majority of folks like it nice and crispy. And for the purposes of this recipe it needs to be crispy.

3. You won’t have to worry about making annoying bacon smoke or bacon grease flying everywhere.

4. Most importantly, YOU GET BACON FAT AS YOUR REWARD! Take all the bacon fat drippings, allow them to cool in the bottom pan by putting in your fridge. Then use a rubber spatula to store it away in a jar in your fridge. Your bacon fat will be good for at least 2 weeks (Factory Tested on my stomach, and I’m still alive).

If you still don’t believe me, the mainstream food blogging media has also covered this in the past.


Bacon prior to lift off into deliciousness.


Add your mayo, olive oil, mustard aioli, and corn. Mix it all together, and add some salt if you think it needs it. Add a nice mound to your tortilla, now add your bacon. Wrap and enjoy!




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